Kelly Kahn Fine Art

Portrait Fees

Paintings completed from a photograph
taken by the artist or client.

Complex background could be additional 30%. Each additional subject may cost up to 40% more.

Size Watercolor Oil
8 x 10 $300 $300
9 x 12 $325 $325
11 x 14 $475 $525
12 x 16 $575 $625
14 x 18 $625 $850
16 x 20 $725 $1,275
18 x 24 $1,500 $1,700
24 x 30 or 22 x 30 $1,900 $2,000
24 x 36 $2,000 $2,000
30 x 36 $2,200 $2,200

Portrait Commission Agreement

The artist shall use only professional materials as well as execute the portrait conforming to the her recognizable style.

Photographic Sitting Fee

$125.00 plus cost of proofs. The artist will come to your home or another agreed-upon place to photograph the subject(s). Additional Subjects in Portraits 40% of the regular portrait fee.


A 50% deposit will be due upon the commission agreement.

Completion Time

Estimated completion time will be given once the pose is determined and every effort will be made to insure prompt delivery. The client may call the artist at any time to check the progress.


After the painting is approved (in person or via email), the balance is due when the portrait is delivered in person. Whenever shipping is necessary, the balance must be received before the portrait is sent unless other payment plans are made. Sales tax will apply to residents of Alabama.

Crating and Shipping

The costs of crating, shipping and insuring, if required, are the responsibility of the client.


The portrait will be delivered unframed unless special arrangements are made. An offer to help choose and purchase an appropriate frame will be happily made. Framing is not included in the commission price.

Travel Expenses

Travel expenses, when it is necessary for the artist to leave the Birmingham vicinity, will be billed as they are incurred.


Sample Portraits and Original Photos